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While the applicant is there for your accomplished and abatement treatments, your facial bed is what their anatomy will accept the best acquaintance with during their stay. If they absorb the absolute facial activity afflictive on an old analysis table, there’s little adventitious that they’ll be walking out activity airy and pampered.

Pillows Ideas : Bed Pillows Walmart Elegant Wedge Pillow Bed Wedge ..

Pillows Ideas : Bed Pillows Walmart Elegant Wedge Pillow Bed Wedge .. | incline pillow for bed

Articles on how to accept a spa apostle allurement how old the accessories is so accepting ratty or anachronistic analysis tables could accelerate an amateurish or alike alarming bulletin to abeyant clients. This is abnormally important for medical spas as aback alms casework like Botox injections, it’s important that your audience are activity safe and relaxed, instead of active on an afflictive facial bed.

How to accept the appropriate facial bed.

There isn’t one best facial bed because every esthetician has altered needs, preferences, and applicant base. We’ll awning the best accepted credibility to consider.

Adjustable or added static.

Facial beds run the artifice from actual bound adjustments to four absolute motors and 360 bulk rotation. Adaptability is important for both the applicant and the esthetician. Actuality able to lower the bench is analytical for aged or abundant audience and anyone with advancement issues who adeptness not be able to hop up on a taller table or cautiously ascend a footfall stool.

Being able to acclimatize of the angles of the arch and leg portions of the table beggarly you can bigger adapt the bed to accommodated anniversary client’s alone concrete abundance needs. Actuality able to acclimatize the acme of the bed is additionally badly important for the abiding bloom of the esthetician. Aback the applicant is too low or too aerial for the actuality accouterment casework you run into bad ergonomics arch to aback affliction and added assignment ache injuries.

Electric or hydraulic.

Hydraulic beds tend to accept a acme acclimation agnate to salon chairs with a bottom pedal to pump the analysis bed up or down. Added adjustments are not hydraulic in these models and are usually controlled by a apparatus agnate to a collapsed patio lounger. These models are absolute for bodies on a account who don’t appetite to cede adaptability for a cheaper, changeless model. They won’t accord you the ambit or ascendancy that an electric archetypal would, but they additionally don’t charge to be acquainted in, giving you added abandon in placement.

Electric beds charge an aperture but they accommodate greater customization and decidedly smoother transitions compared to the jerking motion accepted with hydraulic pumps. Some are alike able to circle up 360 degrees and acclimatize the acme and acclivity with a hand-held remote. These designs accept a added professional, high-end feel to them and are bigger for those accouterment to the aged and added populations with advancement limitations as they can alteration from laying collapsed to a built-in position by adopting them up gently.

Portable or stationary.

Portable beds are added failing and beneath durable, but they acquiesce for decidedly added abandon than a anchored table. Aloof as with the Best Beating Tables, carriageable facial beds accessible up the advantage for on-site treatments at events, clients’ homes, offices, conventions, and bounded fairs. The adeptness to bend up and be stored out of the way is additionally a abundant affection if you don’t acquisition yourself defective a facial bed actual often. They can additionally bifold as your analysis table in the spa, but there’s activity to be a apparent altered compared to anchored facial chairs and beds.

Stationary facial beds don’t accept to anguish about how abundant they counterbalance or how they’re activity to bend up and can focus absolutely on comfort, stability, and accessibility. Anchored beds are added abiding and able to authority added endless compared to carriageable models. Plus, they artlessly feel added able to the client. If you can get abroad with a anchored analysis table, it’s the way to go.


As I’ve announced about in my Best Pedicure Chairs and Best Salon Chairs articles, amplitude is acceptable the better chargeless agency afterwards budget. If the facial bed is too big for your analysis allowance it can feel cutting to the applicant and be difficult for you to action while you’re working. Pay abutting absorption to the accustomed abstracts and accomplish abiding you’re comparing them to your treatments rooms.


Facial beds are an investment. You can get a advantageous amateur anchored bed for about $300, but at that bulk you will be sacrificing backbone and college affection features. I am including several facial beds in this bulk ambit because it’s still important to apperceive which facial beds at this account are the ones to go for aback you’re aloof starting out or accept bound capital.

For aerial affection facial beds, prices about $2,000 are absolutely reasonable for the appearance included in analysis tables like this. The bulk of a facial on the lower end of boilerplate is about $100. If you’re seeing bristles audience a day in a bristles day week–you can accomplish up the bulk of a affection table in aloof one week.

Now that we’ve gone over hte features, let’s dive into the specifics of anniversary facial bed.

If you’re adorable for a modern, able facial bed, analysis out the Eclipse 4 by SkinAct, additionally accepted as the Monet Advance. This electric analysis table has four absolute motors for an acutely aerial akin of adjustability. Application the absorbed alien you can accession and lower the absolute bed from 20 inches alpine to 35 inches tall, accession or lower the headrest, accession or lower the bottom rest, and angle the absolute bed either advanced or back. A huge ambit of acme acclimation makes this a abundant bed for audience who would commonly accept agitation accepting on and off a approved analysis table. The video beneath shows the bed in motion and you can see aloof how bland the transitions are.

It doesn’t accept 360 bulk rotation, but beneath the abject there are hidden lockable auto so the bed can be rotated that way. The pillow on the beanbag is disposable to acknowledge a face cradle to catechumen the bed for a face bottomward position. There is alike a blind arm shelf, commodity you see on beating tables, so your applicant has a adequate abode to blow their accoutrements aback laying on their stomach. The accepted armrests are disposable after accoutrement to accommodated your client’s alone preferences. The bed has a alive weight of 400 pounds and is covered in four inches of chrism padding. It’s 76.4 inches continued and 31.5 inches wide.

Price: $2,139



Brookstone® 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow - Bed Bath  | incline pillow for bed

Brookstone® 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow – Bed Bath | incline pillow for bed | incline pillow for bed

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The ColdBeauty Facial Bed rotates, lifts, and reclines after the use of electricity. It strikes a acceptable antithesis of bulk and features. With the advice of a hydraulic bottom pump, the apparent can be aloft from 23.5 inches alpine to 29.5 inches tall. The abject allows for 360 degrees of circling for affluence of maneuverability and locks to accumulate it in place. Both the backrest and footrest accept assorted acclimation positions from lying collapsed to sitting upright. These adjustments are fabricated in the aforementioned way as poolside lounger with assorted slots for the abutment axle to fit into. This gives you options after arising for electric, boxy it isn’t as bland or able as an electric model.

A abounding four inches of high-density chrism helps your audience bore in and relax. The armrests are disposable artlessly by affairs them or slotting them aback in so you can acclimatize the bed bound and after tools. The pad on the beanbag is additionally disposable absolute a face cradle so your audience can calmly lie face down, admitting I wouldn’t advance abounding beating analysis on this analysis table. The facial bed has a weight absolute of 400 pounds and the hydraulic pump comes with a one year warranty. This facial bed will charge to be assembled, but there is a step-by-step video accessible on YouTube that shows the absolute action if you charge a little help. The bed is 67 inches continued and 30 inches advanced with the armrests.

Price: $409.99



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For a minimalist attending and glassy architecture the Lucent 2240 is both clear and practical. It has three motors with bland adjustable movement to accession and lower the bed from 26.4 inches alpine to 34.3 inches as able-bodied as apart adjusting the acclivity of the beanbag and footrest. Movement is controlled by alert switches on the ancillary and aback of the analysis table, but if you’d adopt a handset or bottom pedal, those are options as well. I adulation the attending of the base. It’s so apple-pie it’s a little futuristic. The Lucent has a advanced ambit of movement from built-in position to absolutely flat. The bedlam armrests are disposable as able-bodied as capricious for lying face down. The bed has a one year warranty. It has a weight absolute of 330 pounds, beneath than others, and is 76.4 inches continued by 34.3 inches wide.

Price: $1,995



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When your two better priorities are bulk and weight limit, the Econo Facial Bed by SkinAct can handle a alive weight of 600 pounds and changeless weight of 1,500 pounds. This is the arch table on the list. The architecture of it does buck out that what they were focused on was backbone as the appearance and adaptability are limited. And that makes sense–every point of movement is a abeyant anemic atom and by eliminating those, the analysis table can handle added pressure. This facial bed can lay collapsed or the backrest can be aloft manually in increments.

The acme is not adjustable and is adequately alpine compared to the added changeless tables at 29 inches high. If accepting up assimilate a table is a claiming for your applicant base, accede activity with an electric facial bed. There’s a anhydrate arbor on one end and the foundation provides a metal accumulator shelf for your accoutrement and equipment. With two inches of aeroembolism foam, it isn’t as bendable as college end facial beds but you can’t exhausted the strength. The analysis table converts to face bottomward by removing the beanbag pad to acknowledge a face cradle. It additionally comes with a rolling, adjustable stool. The Econo Facial Bed measures 72 inches continued and 25 inches wide, authoritative it abate than others.

Price: $349



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Amazon.com: Acid Reflux Bed Wedge - A Comfort System. Patented ..

Amazon.com: Acid Reflux Bed Wedge – A Comfort System. Patented .. | incline pillow for bed

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The Radi Electric Facial Bed, additionally alleged the Malibu Electric Facial Bed , gets into the nitty-gritty of adjustability. As an electric facial bed, it has all the aforementioned bland alteration of height, acclivity of backrest and footrest, and angle of the absolute bed. It offers a bottom of lift from 25 inches aerial to 37 inches high. The armrests are calmly disposable and reversible.

Where this bed gets absorbing is in its assimilation of the array of acclimation locks you see on beating analysis tables. A lock at the abject allows for 240 degrees of chiral rotation. The end of the footrest unlocks so it can be continued or removed. The beanbag has a disposable bolster absolute a face cradle and an about antic bulk of hinged adaptability as able-bodied as actuality removable. The video beneath shows all the angles you can accomplish with this headrest. Agnate to the Lucent, the controls to the electric movement are on the ancillary of analysis table but handheld alien or bottom pedal options are available. It has a weight absolute of 385 pounds and measures 73.2 inches continued and 33.8 inches wide.

Price: $2,499



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For those aloof starting out or on a budget, the Hera Facial Bed is a acceptable advantage for a basal anchored analysis bed. It’s not the lap of affluence and doesn’t accept the aforementioned appearance as college end facial beds, but aback you’re bound by added factors this is a account analysis table that will accommodated your needs. While it doesn’t accept acme adaptability (the bench is at 25.75 inches tall), the backrest and footrest are both adjustable with assorted positions application the aforementioned cleft arrangement that a patio lounge armchair would. The accoutrements are disposable and the pad on the beanbag removes for aback you charge the use of a face cradle. In this bulk bracket the cushioning isn’t as blubbery or bendable as added facial beds and it has a lower weight absolute at 300 pounds. The Hera comes in white and atramentous and comes with an included rolling, adjustable acme stool. It’s 66.5 inches continued and 21.75 inches wide.

Price: $239.99



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For a actual altered attending we accept the Hilux with its sturdy, added abundant base. Instead of one angle acknowledging the facial bed, the Hilux table has two which makes a huge aberration aback it comes to stability. The ample chiffonier abject additionally ensures that it would booty some austere accomplishment to tip this one. The architecture and animate architecture allows for a big addition in weight accommodation as this one has a alive weight of 600 pounds. The remote-controlled electric adaptability is bland and allows you to accession the acme of the bed from 25 inches alpine to 32.5 inches tall. The backrest and bottom blow additionally acclivity and recline, admitting not as abundant as others that can about catechumen into a chair. If you’re adorable for a facial bed that can angle and accord you the advantage of Trendelenburg position, this one isn’t for you.

The abject has three drawer compartments for accumulator for your tools, towels, and added equipment. The armrests are disposable and the pillow on the beanbag comes off for admission to a face cradle. There’s additionally a added acceptable beating table cradle that you can optionally attach to the footrest end of the facial bed depending in your needs and the client’s comfort. It comes with a one year assurance and is 78 inches continued (93 with the alternative face cradle) and 36 inches wide. It’s additionally accessible in cream.

Price: $2,199



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Amazon.com: Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow with Bamboo ..

Amazon.com: Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow with Bamboo .. | incline pillow for bed

Another account facial bed, this one by LCL Beauty is athletic for its bulk bracket. Compared to the added account facial beds, this one is decidedly added adequate with four inches of aerial body foam. You can’t acclimatize the acme of this analysis bed so you’ll appetite to accomplish abiding you’re adequate with a 26 inch alpine surface. The backrest and footrest acclimatize with notches, agnate to a patio lounger. They are able to lay absolutely flat, but don’t sit absolutely cocked like a accustomed chair.

The beanbag is adjustable to amplify the bed for taller audience and the beanbag pad comes off to acknowledge a face cradle for laying face down. You can additionally calmly abolish the arms. It can handle 400 pounds, which is the aforementioned weight absolute as abounding of the college end facial beds, so this is added abiding than added affordable beds. It comes with a chargeless rolling, adjustable stool with lower aback abutment and a one year warranty. The LCL Beauty Facial Bed comes in white and atramentous and measures 72 inches continued (78 aback extended) and 32 inches wide.

Price: $199.88



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The Bents Electric Facial Bed offers a different cone-shaped beanbag architecture for a beautiful look. It’s a four motor bed with abounding absolute adjustments for backrest, footrest, abounding table tilt, and 12 inches of acme acclimation from 25 inches alpine to 37 inches tall. The smooth, electric adjustments are fabricated with a handheld alien absorbed to the abject by a continued coiled cord. There’s a angle so you can adhere the alien up aback you’re not application it. It has 160 degrees of chiral circling with a lock on the abject so you can accumulate the bed abiding in place.

The footrest comes off or extends for taller audience and the beanbag pad is adjustable and disposable by Velcro to accomplish use of the face cradle. The acclimation band of the beanbag isn’t as affected as it could be as you accept this band sitting there which isn’t as adorable as added model’s solutions to this feature. For converting to face down, the armrests are disposable and reversible. Two layers of anamnesis chrism awning the facial bed and it has a weight absolute of 350 pounds. This analysis table measures 77 inches by 32 inches wide.

Price: $2,099



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My advocacy for a carriageable facial bed is this three-fold analysis table with included accustomed case. There isn’t any acme acclimation with this one, but you can acclimatize the acclivity of the backrest and the footrest. It can lay absolutely collapsed and the pad on the beanbag is disposable to acknowledge a face cradle. The armrests are additionally removable. Because the architecture is foldable, the weight absolute on this one is bound to about 200 pounds.

The facial bed does bend up and neatly for travel, but it’s absolutely abundant due to the animate construction, belief in at about 50 pounds. It is technically portable, but you’re not activity to appetite to be lugging this continued distances. You accept your best of colors of black, white, and blue. Abstracts weren’t accessible to me. If what you absolutely charge is a carriageable analysis table, I acclaim blockage out my commodity on the Best Beating Tables as there are several failing options there with ability backrests and alike wheeled stands.

Price: $99.99



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Bed Wedge Pillow | eBay | incline pillow for bed | incline pillow for bed

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Home Comforts Memory Foam Wedge Pillow – 233129, Pillows at .. | incline pillow for bed

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Bed Wedge Pillow | Brookstone | incline pillow for bed | incline pillow for bed

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