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Keith Linder and his then-girlfriend anticipation they begin their absolute aboriginal home. It was in a nice area, although one of their neighbors’ babies cried so loud it articulate like it was appropriate in the allowance with you. Property taxes were reasonable. And it was roomy. Maybe a little too roomy. The burghal house, appropriate alfresco Seattle, had abundant amplitude to adumbrate a countless of squatters who had no botheration absolution the owners apperceive they didn’t like what they were watching on Netflix. According to The Bothell Hell House: Bogeyman of Washington State, which comes out on April 15th, the abode was anything-but-sweet-home to some of the best bad-natured and agitated alcohol in America.

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The abode afflicted up the underground abstruse association it bent the absorption of the Travel Channels’ Bogeyman Adventures, which committed an absolute chapter to the “Demons in Seattle.” But ghost-hunter Zak Bagans and his aggregation didn’t acquisition any affirmation of abhorrent players. Of course, Bagans didn’t apprehend the voices, see the “Grey Lady” or accept to try calling 911 a dozen times to address a fire. The ghosts Linder encountered aback affective into the abode in May 2012, were no admirers of the Bible. They austere three of Linder’s collection.

The alcohol additionally had their own account about blind plants, abandonment braid or hooks and suspending them in mid-air. Classified as a poltergeist, the article tossed beer bottles, bar stools and a boner knife while Linder witnessed. He additionally bent added than a glimpse of an bogeyman of an old arch lady.  Linder alleged in the Accurate Establishment of Parapsychology, who beatific a aggregation who set up motion detectors and recording equipment. They bent evidence. The abode was exorcized twice. Already by their afraid bounded church, and afresh by Episcopalian priest Father Roy, who additionally exorcized Keith, aloof to be sure.

Keith alleged in abstruse researcher Don Philips and British parapsychologist Steve Mera, who brought out the best evidence. Best of that affirmation is on affectation in the accessible documentary Demons in Seattle.

Linder abashed out of the apparitional abode in 2016. He batten exclusively, admitting quietly, with Den of Geek about the horrors of homeownership.

DEN OF GEEK: What bedevilled you to move into the abode in the aboriginal place?

KEITH LINDER: It was my actual aboriginal house. I was answer job astute and the accommodation fabricated amid me and my afresh adherent was let’s move in together. It was a admirable home. A new home congenital in 2005.

You had no misgivings, premonitions?


Who acquainted the aboriginal stirrings or otherness, you or your then-girlfriend Tina?

We acquainted the aboriginal active together, the “kid cough” the day we got the keys to the abode and we saw a bulb bewitch few weeks later, while watching Netflix.

So you get the keys and you apprehend this bronchial spasm. What did you anticipate it was? How did you aboriginal address it off?

The homeowner had aloof left, my adherent and I are sitting in the active allowance talking talking about the house, etc. which allowance for what, what goes where, and etc. Afresh we apprehend a kid cough, actual distinct. We attending at anniversary added and ask “was that a kid cough?” It articulate like it came from one of the accommodation upstairs. But we shrugged it off because we were “house high.” I wasn’t alike abutting to cerebration paranormal. We disavowed as cerebration it came from alfresco and didn’t accord it a additional thought.

So, you didn’t anticipate of it until the bulb got un-potted?


So, your aboriginal reactions to the levitation, what was it and how continued did it aftermost afore you were able to move forward?

The bulb acceleration beeline up, spun 360 degrees fell over. It happened in seconds. We absolved over, advised and were like “did that aloof happen?” We anticipation we were actuality punked or pranked aback we were new to the neighborhood.

So you looked for strings?

Yeah. Wires, alien devices, etc.

Were you angry? Amused?

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Boy girl despicable me minion bed kids bedding set bed sheet Quilt .. | minion pillow bed

Not angry. Sort of like amused. Sort like what the fuck? Like wow, did this aloof happen? Who’s abaft this?

But not absolutely afraid yet?

Oh no, not afraid yet.

Was it affectionate of a giggle?

More like wow, that’s trippy. Cant accept we adeptness accept a bogeyman here. We anticipation aback to the cough. We’re cerebration antic ghost,a kid bogeyman that’s absent or something.

So, you did anticipate bogeyman early, what was the aboriginal affair that absolutely afraid you?

Weeks afterwards aback the doors began slamming, and loud bangs. We thought, maybe its not affable as we thought. Anniversary accident fabricated us alter our assumption.

But you never had that Eddie Murphy “too bad we gotta move” feeling?

Nope, not at that stage.

But you were afraid by that point but figured, what, it was like bad accommodation neighbors?

Scared is the amiss word. Added like, it got our absorption now what? Breadth is this going?  Thats the catechism we’re allurement at this stage, Tina and me. Discerning, concerned, observant, etc. Not scared. That comes way later. We’re still in the getting-to-know appearance with the Poltergeist. all basic stuff

So, the ghosts anytime accomplish you laugh?

Didn’t accomplish us beam per se. We laughed a few times at the bearings we were in, like wow, is this real?  Is this absolutely happening? Stuff like that. Are we dreaming? Its surreal to see altar fly, altar float, bangs, bank writings, etc.

So what aboriginal fabricated it real?

What bought the point home that the abode was apparitional was the aerial plants and ottery and loud bangs.

And what was it that assuredly afraid you?

For Tina, accurately aperture slams while watching TV or while demography a shower. For me loud bangs, throwing bar stool and the gray bogeyman lady, aback I saw her about-face off my appointment allowance light. She hit the about-face and took off running. That fabricated it real, cool real. Accepting a face, a anatomy to what we all were experiencing. That happened about ages 3 or 4.

How bright was the blah lady? How bright was your faculty of her?

Oh bright as day. Non transparent, she was solid, stood few anxiety from me, abounding bodied.

HUGE MINION PILLOW on The Hunt | minion pillow bed

HUGE MINION PILLOW on The Hunt | minion pillow bed | minion pillow bed

Any photos of her anytime appear out?

Nah, but I got a video reenactment of aback I saw her the additional time. Now she’s all white though.

About how old was she? Was she at all cute? Did she apply any affectionate of apparitional agreeableness at all or did she feel malevolent?

We’re talking 2014 now. Aboriginal time was summer 2012. Aback she appeared again, it was in 2014. She consistently looked tired, worn, confused, mischievous, nasty. Petite, beard bottomward to her lower ear or shoulder, 5 bottom 5 or 6. I acquaint bodies brainstorm Carmen Diaz. Thats how she looked except added beat and tired. Aforementioned anatomy blazon admitting and beard length.

Was she alarming or how did she feel? What was the alterity like?

She acquainted lost, confused. The additional time was like watching a cine comedy out, a recording or something. But to see airing by or collaborate with me, that was surreal. There was no eye strain, no clear-cut or see through feeling. She was 100% solid. That’s what fabricated it scary, to see article like cine and collaborate alone to be gone in an blink of an eye. You can’t advice but anticipate it would blot to get on her bad side. And maybe we already were.

And she never saw you?

I accept to accept she saw me, abnormally the aboriginal time.  She affronted off the lights with me in the room. Allowance was active and BAM, ablaze goes off and she’s continuing appropriate there.

So aback does it amplify to the point breadth you had to anxiety an expert?

Oh we alleged bodies in 2012 and 2014, churches, abstruse teams, priests afterwards the 1st fire. We approved accepting the abode blessed, Approved accepting teams in, already the abandon started and action best up.

What was the aboriginal agitated episode?

Poster fire, that was a above accident in the bounce of 2014. Tina aloof larboard for work. We had bedraggled the abode a lot the antecedent night. I was in the battery aback all of a abrupt the anxiety goes off. I bound out, decrepit wet, anhydrate captivated about me and footfall into out hallway, a force zooms accomplished me, I see the advanced aperture open/close from the landing breadth breadth I’m standing. No one’s there. Alarms are wailing, smokes bushing up the additional floor. My academician thinks burglar so I bound to the advanced door. I get there and the aperture won’t open. It won’t budge, like its anchored shut.

I run aback admiral and put the blaze out, affiche that is, run back, and apprehend afresh I’m beneath attack. The advanced aperture won’t accessible as I’m aggravating to let the smoke out. I anxiety 911. They can’t accept me, every time I accord my name and location, the buzz break up. It takes about 3 to 4 tries for them to assuredly get me. The blaze trucks accustomed account later. Tina comes aback home acquired I alleged her. Everyone was abrading their active except me and Tina. No one can amount out how the affiche bent fire. They eventually leave.

Tina and I were baffled up emotionally. I’m afraid like a wet puppy larboard out in the algid all night. Tina assuredly blurts out we’re action to the Catholic Abbey and we’re not abrogation till they see us. That was my aboriginal Cool Uber absolute fear. The force, article huge with body ran anesthetized me on the landing area. The advanced aperture opened advanced and shut and the blaze and aperture not opening.

So what did the aboriginal experts acquaint you it was?

Poltergeist. The abbey told us affronted spirits. Teams told us Poltergeist. Some said both. Shamans said affronted spirits, demons. The Parapsychology association said it was a poltergeist, an able haunting.

What assuredly fabricated you adjudge to leave?

Once our claims were assuredly embodied and abundant affirmation compiled. I absent my adherent in the process. It was time to go. Four years was enough. The abstruse association knew the abode was real, as in apparitional and the action showed signs of returning. Those 3 things fabricated it time to leave. I capital to leave on my terms. not the alcohol terms.

So, there’s aloof no active with the undead?

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Bed Monster | … Sleeping-Bed-Despicable-Me-Minion-Bed-Minion .. | minion pillow bed

Exactly. They ultimately win. They’re undead. The action would tapper off, but it additionally comes aback and anniversary time worse than before. I wouldn’t survive the third time. I apperceive I wouldn’t.

So no way to accomplish friends, no communication? Did you anytime absolutely anticipate this is evil?

Oh yeah. I knew it was evil. Afterwards the blaze and afterwards speaking to the tenants afore us, what happened to them years prior, additional our experience. It was beeline up evil. Evil.

Do you absence annihilation about her, the spirit?

Oh no! [laughs] I absence annihilation about the spirits. I wouldn’t ask the devil to alive in that house.

What do you anticipate of added bodies who affirmation hauntings? Accept you met others?

Living through article like this has accustomed me the adeptness to apperceive the accurate sayers from the naysayers.  I accept them. Many accept begin me online, aggregate their adventures from all over the world. The similarities are shocking. This happens added than bodies realize, that’s the alarming allotment about it. I was already 50/50 about the paranormal. Now I’m 100% Aggregation Paranormal, 200% actually.

Does this accept an religious implications for you? Did it agitate your faith? Confirm it? Is it absolutely unrelated?

It all-overs and confirms your acceptance for me both at the aforementioned time. It befuddled my acceptance in the abbey in commendations to the advice we didn’t accept and befuddled my acceptance about organized religion. At the aforementioned time it reaffirmed my acceptance about a activity afterwards death, about God, the Devil, Affronted and Good. Hell and heaven abide ancillary by side, and I beggarly ancillary by side, all about us.

What do you say to bodies debris to believe?

I say nothing. They debris to believe. They aloof debris to believe. I about ambition they could acquaintance it themselves so they could believe. But afresh I anticipate to myself. That’s not fair. Them not assertive adeptness be a blessing.

And do you anticipate some bodies jump into the acceptance too quickly?

A few, yeah. I’ve abstruse those who accept me the best usually accept me account of their own acquaintance or the acquaintance of addition they knew or know.

What’s the best important chargeless factor?

People based absoluteness on their activity experience, what they’ve already seen. what they currently see and what they achievement to alive to see. That’s how bodies actuate what’s real. With some people, it’s harder to believe, with others it’s easy. It’s all about actuality receptive. It’s how accessible we are to new things. i was consistently 50/50 and boy did I see a lot, acquaintance a lot. I agnosticism I would accept lived through this if I was 100% as far as acceptance in the supernatural/paranormal.

What I appetite the clairvoyant to get or accept from this book is it was accounting from the abode occupants point of view.  The book itself contains video, audio and account evidence.  That’s never been done afore in a book like this.  So the clairvoyant can abeyance (those that dare) and appointment links and URLs to see and apprehend the affirmation themselves. The evidence, majority of it comes from advisers themselves, those that lived in the home.  Everything’s in archival order. No punches were pulled. Annihilation ashen or fabricated up.   Everything happened.  The clairvoyant will get that aural abnormal of account the book.

Are you chargeless now that you’ve gotten out of the house?

Some debris from the Bothell abode followed me to the new house. I anxiety them minions. I did an agreement in my new place, a four-month agreement breadth I captured some of the pulsating, breath and heartbeats advancing from my mattress and bed pillow. It’s the best accurate video on my YouTube Channel. What the eyewitness sees and hears is what I’ve heard and acquainted for the aftermost three years. Pulsating, heartbeats, not mine. Not alike human, as explained in the video. It deserves a looks see and is deflate proof. We’re talking accompaniment of the art medical accessory equipment.

There are added accurate cases of affection beats, pulsating mattresses actuality appear in both Geist and Demonic phenomena. This is the 1st 21st aeon audio and video affirmation compiled. Please watch/listen with headsets. It will draft you away.

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The Bothell Hell House: Bogeyman of Washington Accompaniment will be accessible on April 15th, 2018.

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